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About Eureka Tapping

About the Creator:
Sue Hubbard Tarlton is a certified practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT®). Like many people, Sue has a varied background. While studying tapping one day, all her previous experiences came together in one big whoosh! of a moment and she shouted “Eureka!” out loud. She had devised a plan to create an accessible and interactive method of clearing emotional blocks. She named her program to commemorate that specific moment.

Her desire to change the world is evidenced by the potential global reach of this program. Her teaching background is reflected in how the website (with its intent, events, information and activities) is constructed and filled with content. Her IBM career (and her love of process, structure and technology) informed the application’s ability to provide a meaningful interactive experience. Her interest in human behavior and her respect for Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) kept her consistently seeking the right words and phrases to succinctly provide information to the viewer. Her optimistic attitude kept her seeing possibilities. Her friends' and family's support kept her from dismissing this project and moving on to another one. (As an idea person, Sue has an entire catalog of 'other projects' she easily could have moved to.) Her basic philosophy of “celebrating the dignity of the human spirit” allowed her to reach out and find tapping in the first place. She knew there was "a better way" for humans to release outdated negative emotions and once she found it in tapping, events for the birth of Eureka Tapping took place.

Sue is available as a speaker and guide and as an EFT® practitioner. You can watch her on television or the Internet, hear her on the radio and on teleclasses. She is interested in getting tapping into all the schools, camps and organizations in the world. And, in using tapping to clear inner child issues. After that, she expects to tackle trauma and its effects. Do you part; spread the word. Let’s all tap!

This application and website represent an enormous collaborative venture.

Special Thanks To:
Gary Craig, developer of Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT®)
CJ Puotinen, extraordinary EFT® instructor and mentor
Kathrine Kuo, application and website graphic design
Robin Cino, who introduced Sue to the concept of adding the intensity level within the tapping statements which made this program possible
Bruce Wiland, who saved you from looking at a ridiculously homemade website attempt; he made this site sing … and practically play the banjo!
Reviewers, Advisors and Support Team: Jondi Whitis, Lillian Fimbres, Morgan Polly, Diane Chew, Sarah Russell, Gay Springfield, CJ Puotinen, Eleanore Duyndam, Tom Porpiglia, Constance George, Lindsay de Boer, Ben Chew, Robin Cino, Patsy Hubbard, Carol Ann Lane, Jean Warren, Stefanie Alleyne, Lee Gilbert, Tommy Koenig, Dr. Tom Brennan, Victoria Pepe, Dr. Robin Smith, Linda Anderson, Linda Wood, Till Schilling, Stacey Wolf, Melanie Morgan