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Preview the Tapping Application

Eureka Tapping Basics helps you cope with life's small and large issues. Think of this as a way to smooth the bumps in your personal road! You can remove the "bumps" (the negative emotions) around new or old issues. This tapping application is an introduction to tapping. Think of what can happen if you apply even more advanced techniques! Be sure to notice the changes in you and in others around you once you start "working out" with your 24/7 tapping buddy!

The video to the left demonstrates how the tap app -- "Eureka Tapping Basics" -- guides you through the tapping process. The descriptions and graphics below also explain the process.

Note: Some browsers work better than others to display this video.  

Tapping is about your memories. Eureka Tapping Basics allows you to name a troubing memory and even select a rating indicating how intense you feel about it! Eureka Tapping Basics guides you through a tapping procedure where you are joined by your non-judgmental, always available tapping buddy! Helpful messages guide you along to let you know when to start over, when to choose a new issue to work on and when to rename the issue you've been dealing with.
karate chop point
Eureka Tapping - top of the head


Eureka Tapping - collarbone

Once you have tapped so that your intensity level has dropped, you might want to find other issues that are bothering you and tap on them! Or, you might simply want to start over and save an issue for another time. Keep this application open and, instead of playing solitaire or other games on your computer or phone, you might want to clear up an emotional issue or two while you stand in line or take a break!