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Do you want to take tests without worrying or being nervous?  It’s simple!  And, there’s an app for that!

If you suffer anxiety or fear or your brain seems to “lock up” when you are under pressure, there’s fast relief in sight!   Plus, it’s do-it-yourself, quick, efficient and always at your fingertips.   The tap app is an introduction to “tapping” and then is an always-available confidential online tapping buddy.

Use Eureka Tapping Basics to quickly learn EFT® (Emotional Freedom Techniques®).  Tap gently on a few places on your own body to relieve stress.  It’s simple and effective and surprising.       

Will it work for you?  Compare your own “before and after” test results.  See the improvement! 

Sign up here to buy the tap app, Eureka Tapping Basics.  You can get a one-month pass or a year-long pass.   Gain peace of mind today by taking this first step!   Try it today!